Justin Chauncey Photography

Justin Chauncey Photography


Warr's clients have booked numerous jobs in film, television, and theatre and have also been accepted by some of America's leading graduate studies programs.

Book an on-camera coaching session with Warr and you will also receive an edited, professional audition file you can submit with confidence.  Whether it is for theatre or on-tape, or graduate school auditions, Joshua Warr is the coach for you.


"When I needed my cast to go deeper into character there was only one person I could think of to ask for help. That person was Joshua Warr. He has this innate sharp intelligence of taking words off the page and turning them into rich emotional needs. We all left with a better understanding of the text, who we were, and what we meant to each other in this film. Like any strong director he gives his input and encourages to take what we need and leave the rest." - Timothy Ryan Hickernell, Writer/Director, 'Foreign Lovers'

"Joshua Warr creates a safe space for actors to explore their characters and make "mistakes" while keeping us accountable to what's on the page. He guides with a light, playful touch and leads with ease.” - Nancy Sun, Actor

"Joshua Warr is FIERCE! I can trust him. I can always be certain that he will never give up on me until I've reached my fullest potential. " - Omar Cruz, Academy of Classical Acting at George Washington University, Class of 2018